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Premier Orthopaedic Doctors and
Health Care Professionals in Connecticut

We are Connecticut's premier team of Orthopaedic surgeons and health care professionals! Our mission is to provide extraordinary  care for  children and adults with musculoskeletal injuries & disorders. Our physicians are fellowship trained at premier institutions, board-certified, and nationally recognized in their fields of practice. We are also the Team Physicians for the Quinnipiac University Bobcats as well as 16 high schools.

Your health matters.

Our multidisciplinary team of orthopedists, physiatrists, podiatrists and physical therapists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of surgical and nonsurgical orthopedic injuries and disorders. We provide compassionate, patient-centered care that utilizes the most advanced methods available today.

You matter.

For your convenience, we have 21 Connecticut office locations:

In addition, we also offer:

All of our locations are staffed with specialists who are focused on eliminating your pain and restoring you back to good health.

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