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Hand surgeon in Connecticut


Our team of Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists and hand surgeons understand how injuries to your arm or hand can affect everything you do in a day, from driving, to lifting, to throwing a ball. We want to provide you with an accurate diagnosis and customized treatment plan for you to get back to pain-free living as quickly and carefully as possible.

Our hand team is comprised of specialty-trained, board certified hand surgeons who are leaders in the development of surgical and nonsurgical treatment of orthopaedic conditions and disorders in Connecticut. We work with a team of physiatrists, physical therapists and occupational therapists who guide you through diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of all types of upper extremity problems. We have a full array of diagnostic equipment to ease you through the process, including X-Rays and MRI’s. We also have our own Connecticut Surgical Center and six in-house physical/occupational therapy centers.

Specialty-Trained, Board Certified Hand and Elbow Specialists:

Specialty-Trained, Board Certified Elbow Specialists:

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