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Joint replacement in Connecticut


Hip Disease

Hip pain can be quite disabling but not all pain located around the hip results in joint replacement surgery. Many conditions such as bursitis and muscle strains can be treated nonsurgically. Other injuries such as labral tears and femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) may benefit from less invasive arthroscopic surgery. Our team of Connecticut physicians are extremely familiar with joint replacement surgery as well as all treatment options available and can help you get back to chosen activity as quickly as possible.

Joint Replacement

Connecticut Orthopaedic Specialists has been leading the way in Joint Replacement surgery over the past 40 years. We continue to offer breadth and depth of expert total joint care unparalleled in Connecticut, and perform thousands of successful joint replacement surgeries annually. Our Connecticut team of board certified, fellowship trained surgeons are expert in the reconstruction of hips, knees, ankles,  shoulders, and elbows. Our team is among the first to use the latest devices and techniques available, ensuring each patient of the most advanced joint replacement procedures to date.

Most joint replacement patients can expect to have reduced or eliminated pain and improved range of motion enabling them to return to all of their favorite activities.

Total Joint Replacement

Technology advances have allowed us to restore function and reduce the pain associated with the destructive process of arthritis. Once the joints are destroyed by injury or degeneration, the pain and restriction of motion can severely limit a person's functional lifestyle. Total joint replacement can restore that function. By replacing the worn out joint with specially engineered implants, the patient can return to a more pain-free life. We have fellowship trained physicians who have chosen to focus their practices solely on joint replacement surgery, COS of Connecticut continues to provide our patients with state of the art joint replacement techniques that can address even the most complex problems.

Our joint replacement physicians work collaboratively with our own in-house physical therapists or with short term rehabilitation centers post-surgery.

Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Specialists:

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