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Custom Knee Bracing at STAR Physical Therapy

Orthopedic braces for the knee can be used for multiple reasons. Custom bracing can provide extra support, control motion and or limit injury causing forces. Connecticut Orthopedic Specialists & STAR Physical Therapy offer off the shelf, ready to use sport and orthopedic bracing, as well as custom fit DonJoy & Townsend knee braces. These braces are specifically designed for your musculoskeletal symptoms--sports injuries, osteoarthritis, chronic/repetitive use syndromes, ligament tears (ACL, PCL etc), tendon ruptures or sprain/strains.

Our custom bracing team works with your physical therapist, athletic trainer, and physician to choose, fit and deliver the most appropriate, efficient and comfortable brace for your needs. By prescription from your physician we can help you organize coverage or reimbursement through third party insurance or payment options. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact your local STAR Physical Therapy office or speak with your COS physician.

State-of-the-art bracing products from DonJoy and Townsend

DonJoy Defiance III

The Custom Defiance and Defiance III is DonJoy's hallmark knee brace. Combining the ultimate in technology, materials and design, this lightweight brace provides durable support for moderate to severe ACL, PCL, MCL and LCL instabilities. Plus, the low-profile design fits comfortably underneath clothing and sports uniforms, including hockey and football. As the strongest of DonJoy's functional braces, the custom, carbon composite Defiance is recommended for high collision sports, while its featherweight materials and custom fit also make it the brace of choice for activities of daily living. Available in three lengths: standard, short and standard thigh with short calf.

Townsend Premier

Townsend's ultra lightweight, low profile custom Premier Series braces provide exceptional protection and support for ligament injuries and instabilities. Premier functional knee braces feature carbon graphite shells and Townsend's patented hinge motion, suspension and rotation control technology. Premier braces are backed by a no migration guarantee.